Lotus Elise S2 SC Supercharged for Hire

Lotus Elise for hire
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Make / Model Lotus Elise S2 SC Supercharged
Transmission Manual, rwd, with traction control and ABS
Power 217bhp / 156lbft
Performance 0-60mph 4.5 seconds / 148mph
Number of Seats 2
Colour Canyon Red
Minimum Age 25
Security Deposit £2000 pre-authorised only only
Mileage Included 120/day - Wedding 120/3 days
Extra Mileage £1.50 / mile

Choice of hardtop or removable fabric hood, fitted before you drive away

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This Lotus Elise SC model is regarded by many as the most enjoyable in the Lotus range. The supercharged engine gives good acceleration at any engine speed unlike most Elise and Exige models which need to use high revs, and this one has Touring Pack and Sports Pack options including air conditioning, electric windows and audio system, with bodywork in gorgeous Canyon Red paint.

The Elise is a true lightweight, with steering feel better than any other car, very sporty handling and performance yet also a comfortable ride. It’s also weatherproof against the wet and cold unlike our Caterham 7, and fun to drive on any twisty road or A-road. There’s a small boot for luggage where a couple of small suitcases or rucksacks will fit.

The interior is snug and comfortable with Pro-Bax ergonomic seats, air conditioning and a Blaupunkt CD Radio sound system. All the controls are light in action including the unassisted steering and gearshift, which makes the car feel feather-light and responsive, with a little understeer near the limit then a balanced feel on a light throttle through the corners. The fabric roof can be unclipped or replaced in 2 minutes.

This makes the Lotus an extremely fun sports car to hire that is enjoyable to drive on any road, while the ride and interior is surprisingly comfortable if you’re happy with the wind!

Delivery isn’t provided, we focus on keeping our services and mileage affordable for you to collect the car and enjoy driving it home, or explore the great driving roads nearby in North Wales visiting tourist attractions and taking advantage of our package deals at Spa Hotels.

Autocar Road Test video of Elise SC by Chris Harris;

Hire rate includes 120 miles per day, and extra miles are available at £1.50 per mile. Minimum age 25. Full comprehensive insurance and VAT is included. Weekend rate includes 2 days' mileage, collection from 2.00pm Friday return Monday 9.00am onwards, Sunday return is available for an extra £25. Your own bank holds a pre-authorised deposit of £2000 before hire, which will be released from Sportscarhire straight away when you return. Your own bank holds a pre-authorised deposit of £1500 before hire, which will be released from Sportscarhire straight away when you return. Minor damage to the car would be charged only as necessary to cover the independent trade cost of repair, a copy receipt for the repair would be provided to you, and the balance promptly refunded. If the car has significant damage resulting in a full insurance claim we would retain your deposit to cover our insurance excess charge. This deposit can be reduced as stated above by paying the fee for the Collision Damage Waiver. Please have fun, but drive with care for other road users and for your car. A top-level tracking and data-logging system is hard-wired into each car. We do encourage customers to fully enjoy the cars, but not to abuse them.