Fabulous Ferrari 458 for hire!

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The Ferrari 458 Italia supercar has arrived, hire for a weekend’s experience for just £1300 this season!

The aero-sculpted bodywork gives it stunning looks, at their best in traditional Rosso Corsa with Nero black leather and Rosso red carpeting. Daytona electric leather sports seats are comfortable and give a full range of adjustment. The naturally-aspirated powerful Ferrari engine is tuneful even when cruising, and of course Ferrari make the best-sounding engine in the world when howling under acceleration, with instant gearchanges in 100 milliseconds from the paddles of the very advanced semi-auto gearbox!

The interior is a wonderful place to be whether cruising or travelling quickly, with high quality leather and artistic designs all around you, comfortable but supportive seats and adjustable dampers for smooth or bumpy roads. The usual conveniences are fitted of course, including parking sensors and high quality audio. Ours is a low-mileage one-owner car, with a black roof which enhances the design.

The mid-engined V8 Ferrari 458 Italia delivers an exhilarating 562 bhp at 9000rpm which can take this lightweight Ferrari on to a top speed beyond 200 mph, and encompasses much of the technology and lessons Ferrari has learned from Formula 1 racing. It feels very agile, with steering taking just 2 turns lock to lock. Double wishbone suspension at the front and a multi-link set-up with a sophisticated electronic diff at the rear assures responsive and grippy handling, making cornering an absolute pleasure. Although very quick on track, Ferrari did not forget this was a road car and has incorporated a smooth ride from the adjustable settings, which independently control gear shift/stability and suspension. The bodywork is designed for high aerodynamic efficiency too, with underbody aero keeping the lines clean, and dynamic front flaps that alter the aero at speed increasing cooling and grip. It’s a world-beating Ferrari with many awards from the motoring press, that needs to be experienced by every enthusiastic driver!