Ferrari California joins our Midlands hire fleet.

Jan 26 • News • 148 Views • No Comments on Ferrari California joins our Midlands hire fleet.

Following our customers’ wishes, we’ve ordered a low-mileage Ferrari California 2+2 for Spring 2017.

It looks stunning in traditional Ferrari Rosso Corsa bodywork. The naturally-aspirated powerful Ferrari engine is quick, and very tuneful even when cruising, the semi-auto gearbox paddle change is quick in operation, and the luxury sports interior is comfortable for cruising and supportive when cornering.

The quick-operating folding hard-top brings the best of both worlds, and the +2 seating gives space for children or adults for short distances. The usual conveniences are fitted, including sat nav, reversing camera and high quality audio.

It will stay in our showroom for viewing before you hire, as most of our fleet does. We own all the cars so you know that specific car will be available and in prime condition for your hire, detailed by our associate business

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