Sportscarhire’s unique Experience Hour offers a great chance to experience any of our sports cars on a budget, from the exciting and raw Caterham 7 to the sleek and powerful Lamborghini Gallardo, with prices from £45 for the Caterham to £75 for the Lamborghini.

You have an hour’s personal experience with the car, mostly in the car, which provides a longer and more thorough experience than a few minutes being driven around a racing circuit, though both are fun!

Your hour starts with a personal tour of your car with an overview of the systems and specification, giving a good insight into the design, engineering and functions available. Then settle into the passenger seat to have your photo taken in the car, have an explanation of the instruments and controls, and enjoy the start procedure followed by a free 30-minute passenger ride along a local scenic road, and finishing with hot or cold drinks in our comfy lounge.

A very happy hour for any Sports Car enthusiast!