Lotus Exige Sport 350 – only from Sportscarhire!

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The latest stunning  Lotus Exige Sport 350  is now available for hire. It’s now one of the top sports cars at any price, recently winning many group road tests. It’s quick and has a supple and well-developed feel compared to previous models and close to the Porsche opposition, but we’ve found it’s much more involving to drive. Lotus’s unbeatably lightweight engineering is coupled here with a powerful supercharged V6 engine to give instant acceleration at any engine speed for safe overtaking, with ride and roadholding that’s better than most supercars.

Sportscarhire’s Ardent Red car is fully loaded with options including red-stitched alcantara and leather trim, full interior colour pack, air conditioning, bluetooth stereo and several USB/power outlets.

To drive, the Exige feels like the 1100kg lightweight it is, with better steering feel and more fun on twisty roads than any other car according to road test journalists, instant reactions and rapid performance yet also a supple comfortable ride which is ideal to enjoy countryside B-roads at speed. Many drivers report that it’s more fun than any other car on any twisty road or A-road. There’s a small boot for luggage where a couple of small suitcases or rucksacks will fit.

The interior is snug and comfortable with ergonomic Probax seats, alcantara and air conditioning. All the controls are light in action including the unassisted steering and great new exposed gearshift, which all makes the car feel feather-light and responsive, with a little understeer near the limit then a balanced feel on a light throttle through the corners, which can be adjusted with the Lotus’s DPM system dial control.

This makes the Lotus one of the top current sports cars, very fast but enjoyable and involving even at low speeds quite unlike other cars, while the ride and interior is surprisingly comfortable with just enough space, once into the low seats.

Come and see it in our showroom from mid-April! It’s the only Exige V6 for hire in the UK, and our driving routes in nearby Wales suit it perfectly. See more photos on our ‘Cars’ page.

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