• Competition Time

    Jun 12, 14 • 1914 Views • NewsNo Comments

    This weekend, Sportscarhire will be exhibiting at the Pageant of Power at Cholmondeley. A great opportunity for you to see some of our cars and have a chat. We have two great free competitions for visitors to our stand! Our Balloon Competition offers a free...

  • Cholmondeley Pageant of Power

    Jun 11, 14 • 1911 Views • NewsNo Comments

    From Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th of June, Sportscarhire will be holding a stand at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in Cheshire. The Pageant of Power is a renowned British motorsport event which for the last 6 years has been a date in every...

  • Sportscarhire's stand at Loton Park

    Loton Park

    Jun 9, 14 • 1701 Views • NewsNo Comments

    This weekend Sportscarhire held a popular stand at the scenic Loton Park speed hillclimb near Shrewsbury, where Hagley & District Light Car Club were holding an important round of the British, Leaders and Midland Championships. The weather was...

  • It’s Prom – time to make an Entrance!

    Jun 2, 14 • 1635 Views • NewsNo Comments

    Prom is the date in the school leaver’s calendar that gets everybody excited. It’s a chance for people to get dressed up and have a real occasion, celebrate and look forward to the future. For many it is a chance to get dressed up, with elaborate prom...

  • Sports Car Hire BMW Z4M

    Weekend Escape

    May 23, 14 • 1796 Views • NewsNo Comments

    Rhys & Emma head for a weekend away in the Z4M today. Convertible + M3 engine power = happiness !...

  • Sportscarhire is here!

    May 10, 14 • 1683 Views • NewsNo Comments

    Sportscarhire is now open in the West Midlands. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the thrill of driving a sports car occasionally, or if you already have one to try a different marque. This is where we come in. Sportscarhire provides the...

  • Sports Car Hire Showroom Cars

    The Fleet Assembles!

    Apr 28, 14 • 1840 Views • NewsNo Comments

    Sportscarhire’s fleet is nearly complete, with a wide range of sports cars available for hire. Now you can experience the dynamic power of the Nissan GTR, the back to basics thrill of the Caterham, or the sophisticated luxury of the Aston Martin. We are...