Prom Supercar Hire


Prom Hire is our speciality! Your parent, relative or trusted friend drives the car for the day, and the cost of our 4-seat Maserati or Ford Mustang can even be shared with up to 3 friends. They make for a grand journey and celebrity arrival, a super photo opportunity and memory, and a lot of fun for the rest of the hire day for the driver!

Sportscarhire provides stunning cars in the West Midlands for an extra special Prom for self-drive by parents, relatives or trusted friends to drive the car on the day of the Prom. Make your special day perfect arriving in something spectacular! Stunning looks, impressive engine sounds and sheer luxury for your Prom! All our customers have found someone who would be very happy to hire and drive the car for them on the special day, and really enjoy the experience. It is not possible for us to provide a chauffeur for these cars, due to their value.

Hire is for a minimum of 24 hours, due to our insurance, so parents can make the most of the car during the day before the Prom evening! Select Cars on menu above to find a full set of photos, details, and prices for each car, then complete our simple Enquiry Form with times and date to check availability of your choice of supercar or sports car for your special day.