Roads & Hotel Packages


Top driving routes in our region are highlighted in red on our map, they are entertaining roads to drive along, amid some stunning countryside scenery.

Hotel touring packages with exclusive extras & discounts for our customers are offered in partnership with a choice of top-rated Spa Hotels in our region. You can select any hotels and routes you wish to take. For full details for each hotel click on the brown icon on the Map below.

Super unleaded petrol stations with 99 Octane are highlighted in green as they can be rare in rural areas, and one near our showroom to refuel before returning the car. For postcode of each service station click on the green icon on the map below. We update our map each Spring with more routes, facilities and hotel packages.

So just zoom in to our map and start planning your touring break around our region, visit TripAdvisor for local attractions around your route, and enjoy a driving break that perfectly suits your personal driving and sightseeing interests!

Photos & Descriptions of some of the Routes

North Wales - the Evo triangle

Capel Curig to Caernarfon

Llangurig to Aberystwyth

Builth Wells to Brecon