The Morgan 3 Wheeler growls into Shrewsbury

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PicMorgan Dynamic2By popular demand, a car which is fun even standing still with the throbbing V-Twin engine, has arrived at Sportscarhire.   One of the most fun and involving road-driving experiences possible even cruising at 40mph, and it’s pretty quick too!

The Morgan 3-wheeler is an early design brought back by Morgan in 2012 and modernised with a luxury leather interior and controls, but the vintage driving experience still remains as much fun as ever whether at 30mph or enjoying the surprisingly quick acceleration, and quite supple ride along a B-road.  Motorways are a little windy!

PicMorgan Interior

Our 2012 Morgan with a modern S&S engine which is an upgrade of the famous Harley Davidson V-Twin engine, black paintwork and fun graphics, and full leather interior as pictured above has now arrived.   It’s a featherweight at only 525kg, so you can enjoy an instant reaction to every move you make with accelerator, steering, and brakes.   The gearchange is sweet and light, and the torquey 2-litre engine has ample power to ‘make progress’ through traffic, the thumping V-twin’s pulse can be felt even from a  standstill.

Everybody seems to love the car,  grins and thumbs-up from other drivers and pedestrians are all part of the experience!    You’ll be the centre of attention wherever you go.



It’s a very different experience to any other car, and is officially a trike so does not have modern safety systems other than good brakes, and needs special care in damp or wet conditions when grip is low and the back wheel can spin.   Like Morgan, we do recommend wearing a helmet and goggles or visor for safety,  though some owners just use sunglasses and a beanie or cap.   It has a reasonable sized boot under the rear canopy, but weather protection is limited to the two-piece tonneau cover, so coats and an umbrella are recommended !


PicMorgan Front Side extra



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